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3 Tips to Consider When Buying Accessories for Your Dogs

Dogs, when given the chance, can be your best friends. They make a good companion and a trusted protector, and they make you love them like they’ve always been a part of your family. But here’s what you need to keep in mind: dogs need you to take care of them. So, before getting a pooch, you need to know what steps to take to keep him happy and healthy.

One thing you should do is to buy high-quality accessories for your dog. Doing this is important so you can keep your pet under control and increase his cuteness factor ― without making him feel uncomfortable and distressed. If you’re ready to start shopping for pet accessories (อุปการณ์สัตว์แลี้ยง), here are some tips you should keep in mind:

Pay attention to his collar

Your pooch’s collar is one of the most essential items he should have, so don’t take it for granted. Before doing anything else, you need to identify the perfect collar for your pet. The most common kind is called flat or rolled, which is used by many pet owners because of the convenience it offers. Other types include martingales, choke chains, and pinch collars. You also have to consider the material that the collar is made of. Cotton is ideal for smaller pooches, while metal is great for larger dogs.

A word of warning, though: if your canine has a short nose or is prone to having a collapsed trachea, you may want to use a harness instead of a collar. Harnesses let you manage your pet without damaging his health or causing him discomfort.

Buy quality food containers

Just like collars, pet food bowls are available in different designs. The most common types are plain bowls that are made from plastic, steel or ceramic. They’re favoured by many because they’re available in almost any pet store and are relatively cheaper than other models. But, if your dog is a quick eater and has a habit of gobbling up all his food in seconds, you might want to invest in a couple of food-dispensing toys. These dispense a few treats at a time, forcing your pet to eat slowly and keeping him away from bloating and other digestive problems. These toys also stimulate his mind and prevent him from getting bored, especially when he’s alone at home.

Experiment with dog clothes

Pamper your pooch with trendy apparel that help him stay comfortable while making him look chic and stylish. During winter season, for example, you can dress him in a specially designed sweater that will help him stay warm and toasty. But here’s the thing: not all clothes on the market are suitable for your pooch, so always consider his safety and comfort before style.

Just like yourself, your furry friend deserves the best quality in everything. So, when shopping for dog accessories and other pet essentials, make sure to do your research and purchase the best possible items you can afford.

Should You Buy Wet or Dry Dog Food?

As a pet owner, you probably view your dog as an indispensable part of the family, as many other dog owners do. You probably want your dog to be as happy as possible, and enjoy life as much as you do. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t extremely great at communicating what they want. Are they sleeping all day because they’re bored, or is that what they want to be doing? Do they need more entertainment in their lives to help fulfil their animalistic needs and desires? Do they even enjoy the food that you buy for them each and every week?

It is often thought that animals don’t have the same needs that we as humans do, but the fact is that we don’t really know what they want. Of course, they can give us signals when they need to go outside or when they’re hungry, but beyond that, they can’t communicate a whole lot about their wants to us. Just as humans do, dogs all have different sets of taste buds that make some food very enjoyable to one dog, while another dog will completely refuse to eat it. Does your dog seem to prefer one type of food over another? What type of food is better for their teeth, their fur, and their general health? Let’s examine the benefits of wet and dry dog food to help you make a choice that’s going to be most likely to please your pet.

Wet Dog Food

It is commonly said that wet food shouldn’t be fed to pets because it’s bad for their oral health. Unfortunately, this is a rumour that’s been around for a long time, but it’s not really true. All kinds of food can create dental problems in humans and animals, and the only way to prevent this is to keep teeth and gums clean. Wet dog food can be healthier for some dogs, and this really just depends on their dietary needs. Wet dog food generally contains more protein, which is great for growing dogs. It also contains more fat in most cases, and again, this isn’t necessarily bad for all dogs. If your dog is underweight or is growing, these facts would make it advantageous to feed them wet food. That said, if your dog is at a healthy weight, they could very well gain weight over the course of time if you give them a diet consisting only of wet food. Many dogs seem to prefer to eat wet food, and perhaps it’s a bit tastier than the dry food alternatives.

Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food is the choice that most dog owners make for their animals, but it’s not perfect either. People tend to buy dog food in extremely large quantities, which means that they’re going to store the majority of that food for weeks or months. Because of these buying habits, dry dog food generally contains preservatives to allow the pet owners to store the food safely for long periods of time. That can both be seen as an advantage and a disadvantage depending on how you look at the situation. On the one hand, this makes dry dog food cheaper since you can buy it in bulk. On the other hand, high quantities of preservatives, such as salt, are not seen as being healthy. Ultimately, what’s probably best is to have a good balance of both types of foods from a trusted brand such as Eukanuba..


The Storage Rates Are Quite Inexpensive

When my daughter decided to move back home to save some money, we had to decide what to do with her furniture from the condo she had rented. She had a really nice living room set, plus her bed and kitchen table. There were a few other pieces of furniture too, and we finally decided to look into the Store Friendly self storage network to see if it would be feasible to rent a storage unit for at least a year. There just was not enough room at our condo for everything, and we still had her bedroom suite in her old room, so we couldn’t even bring her new bedroom set with her.

I was really happy to find out that the prices for a rental space for one year was not going to break the bank.

Do Cats And Dogs Hate Each Other?

According to the natural behavior of these two species – yes, sir, cats and dogs naturally hate each other. But as you know any behavior can be changed.

The history of cats vs. dogs battle can be read or heard in many fairy tales, folklore of many various cultures, and now it became even a pop culture idol. So far we do not understand anything about of the row between these two species, whether it is true that cats and dogs are simply hardwired to hate each other or not?

If we start thinking from the ancient times you would see that both cats and dogs are mammals and in that times that did not really hate each other but preferred to avoid such a weird company. It means that they did not interact at all in the very beginning. Now, when people bring them both home they are forced to interact and this is where some miscommunication begins.

Dogs and cats have even different approach the world. For example, you would never see parks for cats in any country of the world when there are lots of such for dogs. Cats always walk alone, which means that they like to hang out separately and assess the situation. At the same time it does not mean that cats are antisocial, they just need more time to warm up. When thinking about dogs you will recollect that they typically will start getting closer to new people in order to investigate.

Investigators say that cats interpret new people as a threat and instinctively try to keep away from it. When we see cartoon relationship between cats and dogs, we see constant tags between them when a cat tries to get away, and the dog thinks that it is an invitation to a game. So they start running all way round when a dog feels fine but a cat feels frightened and tries to escape. This is where one more piece of misunderstanding between cats and dogs can be easily seen.

Most professionals say that there are thousands of ways to make a cat-dog introduction go smoothly. They say that it is unfair for a dog, but it has to learn cats’ language. There is an option how do it: you need to take both of your animals into the same room, and keep your dog on one side with a leash. If your dog will act calm, you need to give it a treat. If he starts to lunge at the cat, you should lead it a few feet away until they both relax. Then you should start moving very slowly to the cat. Such exercise will teach your dog that frontal assaults will not be tolerated at all. From the point of view of a cat, it learns that it can stay in the same room with a dog and still have no torn to smithereens. It is clear that from such exercise both animals will benefit from such good things – they can get benefits like snacks, backrubs, toys.

All investigators confirm that mammals are very clever and there is no need to oppose cats vs. dogs because dogs and cats were domesticated long ago. Now they are particularly flexible in their behavior in such a great way in which other mammals are not. Do not forget that it is much better to make cats and dogs introductions when both animals are only a few months old.

What is Heartworm Disease?

Heartworm disease is a serious, potentially-fatal disease seen in pets in the United States as well as other parts of the world. Heartworm disease is caused by heartworms (Dirofilaria immitis), which are parasites that can grow to be one foot long within an infected animal.  These parasites live in the heart and the blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the lungs, and they can cause severe lung damage and heart failure.  In addition to dogs and cats, heartworms can live in other mammals, such as wolves, coyote, and foxes. These wild animals can serve as a source of infection for our pets.

The mosquito is essential in the transmission of heartworm.  Adult female heartworms living in an infected dog, fox, coyote, or wolf produce microscopic immature worms called microfilaria which circulate in the bloodstream.  When a mosquito bites an infected animal and takes a blood meal, it picks up these microfilaria.  Over the course of 10-14 days, the microfilaria mature into an infective stage of larvae within the mosquito.  After maturation occurs, when that mosquito bites a dog, cat, or susceptible wild animal, the infective larvae are able to enter the new host.  Once inside the new host, it takes approximately six months for the larvae to mature into adult heartworms.  Adult heartworms can live for five to seven years in dogs and up to two to three years in cats.  The longer an animal is infected, the more likely it will show signs of disease.  The signs of heartworm disease can vary in dogs and cats but often relate to damage to the heart and/or lungs.  These signs can be as subtle as a loss of appetite, or as severe as sudden death.  We will discuss the signs in more detail in a future post.

Heartworms are present in all 50 states, and the American Heartworm Society estimates that over one million dogs in theUnited States are currently infected with adult heartworms.  Because infected mosquitoes can get inside your home, both indoor and outdoor pets are at risk.  Prevention is the key to keeping your pet healthy and safe from heartworm disease.  A variety of safe and effective preventives are available for both dogs and cats.  Look for more blog posts later this month written by our staff members to learn more about heartworm disease and what we recommend to prevent it, or call our office at (203) 775-3679 for more information.


Why ORIJEN Dog Food is the Best Dog Food in the Market


The ORIJEN Dog Food story has began when the makers realized how dogs and cats are natural-born hunters and their body structure tells it all. From their sharp teeth, defined jaws and highly-adaptive digestive system, the makers believe that they should be fed meat-based diets because they are classified as carnivores.

This is where the biologically appropriate dog food or pet food has been developed. Through the infusion of more protein, less carbs and no grains, ORIJEN is able to create dry pet food that boasts of the highest quality, fresh meat without using high-glycemic grains and vegetable proteins.

This company also provides a variety of meats, from free-range chicken, turkey, eggs, free-range red meat, and fresh fish, your pets are guaranteed to have a meal that mimics their natural food source. Furthermore, they use the biologically appropriate ratio that natural hunters have in their diet – 80 percent meat and 20 percent vegetables or fruits.

What are the types that your pet dog can eat?

ORIJEN offers two types of dog foods, the dry dog food and the freeze dried dog food.

Dry Dog Food

  • New Tundra
  • Puppy
  • Puppy Large
  • Six Fish Dog
  • Adult Dog
  • Regional Red
  • Senior Dog

Freeze Dried Dog Food

  • Adult Dog
  • Regional Red
  • Tundra

What are the best types for adult dogs?

The ORIJEN Adult dog food and the ORIJEN Senior dog food can be your best bet for ensuring the health of your adult dogs of any breed.

The Adult variety includes cage-free Cobb turkey and chicken meat, nest-laid whole eggs, and herring or northern walleye fish meat caught in the wild. These are loaded with nutritious meat to promote lean muscle mass, low carbohydrate or low glycemic ingredients that promotes a healthy level of blood sugar.

A similar mix is used to create the Senior variety to support the health and muscle needs of less active and more sedentary dogs.

What are the benefits your dogs can get from ORIJEN?

As they try to mimic the natural diet of dogs in the wild, ORIJEN can provide your pet dog the essential solution for canine nutrition. There are no cereal fillers that may cause allergies and ruin the coat or skin of your beloved pet or cause digestive problems. Best of all, ORIJEN can help your dogs from getting obese and developing diabetes, which is most common in high carbs pet diet.

Where to buy this product?

If you are looking for the best site to order this great dog food from, All Vet Med should be your top choice. Besides being one of the top online sellers of pet products, they also make sure that you are provided with the best customer service to avoid any headaches and hassles at your end.

Best of all, All Vet Med can provide you with the most reasonable price for all pet products you can think of! Their website is easy to use and you are guaranteed fast transactions every time.

9500 NW 79 AVE #6,
Hialeah FL, 33016
TOLL FREE: 877-421-VETS (8387)

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Join Brookfield Animal Hospital’s Book Club! November’s Selection is ‘From Baghdad with Love: A Marine, the War, and a Dog Named Lava’, by Jay Kopelman. We encourage you to read the book this November, and on December 13th we invite you to join us in a blog discussion. Read Lava’s story this month and join us for discussions on December 13th.

Click here to visit and check out the book!


Pets & Screendoors

Time to open your doors and feel the nice breeze of spring! Remember to put your screen door in so your pet doesn’t try to enjoy the breeze on their own! They are enjoying the outdoors longer as the urge to explore new territories grab their attention. Even if your pet never wanders away, remember that in old age, pets have a tendency to lose their scent and they can wander too far to retrace their steps.

Pets in Cars

It’s fun to take your pet in the car when you’re running errands, but in the summer heat, the car can become a potential death trap. Inside temperatures can quickly climb to more than 120 degrees on even a mild sunny day. Never leave your pet unattended inside the car during the summer months. Be sure to bring your pet plenty of water to keep them cool as the season heats up! 

Today is Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

How long has it been since your cat visited us at Brookfield Animal Hospital? Today is National “Take Your Cat to the Vet” Day! If your cat is due for a visit, it’s time to get them checked. Remember, there’s supposed to be 6-12 months between each visit, depending on your pet’s age! Regular visits can help your cat live longer, because we can identify and treat problems sooner.

Team Member of the Month

Brookfield Animal Hospital is proud to honor Katie as our Team Member of the Month. Katie is a veterinary assistant and she writes “I really enjoy the one on one time I get with our boarders and patients. I also like bonding with their owners through their pets. In my spare time I love to go dancing with my girls and being creative and artistic by painting and making jewelry.”

Today is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Today is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day: a day set aside to educate pet owners about the danger of obesity in pets, and a day for pet owners to look at their options when it comes to their pet’s health. We encourage all pet owners to contact us if they’re concerned about their overweight pets. If you have questions, we can help determine a diet and exercise plan that will improve your pet’s health and increase their life-expectancy. Just ask!


As the temperature begins to raise so does something else…the flea population! Ideally, flea control should begin as flea prevention…before flea season starts. As a loving pet owner, you’d do anything to prevent your cat or dog from suffering, after all, they’re part of the family. Yet every year when flea season begins, it’s like an old broken record. Fleas bite, and the scratching and chewing starts again. It’s a painful and irritating routine for you and your pet. But that’s not all. The adult fleas on your pet can actually cause serious medical problems…like flea allergy dermatitis or tapeworms, and in some extreme cases, anemia. We can help! Ask us how to keep your pet flea free, at your next visit!

Spring is upon us and that means Spring break is quickly approaching. If you’re taking a vacation and can’t bring your pet along…then leave them with us! We proudly offer boarding services. Spring Break rolls around fast, so make sure to schedule your appointment ahead of time!

Is your pet starting to get a little grey around the muzzle? As your pet ages, it is important to maintain optimum health for their quality of life. Senior pets need more extensive risk assessment visitations. Teeth should be brushed daily, exercise routines are important and remember obesity is the number one health problem in older dogs. With routine blood and urine analysis and more frequent risk assessment exams, your pet will live a long and healthy life.